File Manager
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  • Click the directory name to access the directory
  • Click the file name to download the file
  • Click a folder or file icon to view/change related properties
Note: Files that are added to the clipboard can be copied or moved to the currently displayed directory.
    Name Size Owner Actions
   bin  4.00 KB  root
   dev  4.00 KB  root
   etc  4.00 KB  root
   home  4.00 KB  indiaindia
   lib  4.00 KB  root
   sbin  4.00 KB  root
   tmp  4.00 KB  indiaindia
   usr  4.00 KB  root
   var  4.00 KB  root
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  • When you start download you will be prompted for a file name. To continue the file download you must click OK within a minute. Otherwise the server will think that the browser is hanging and it will timeout the connection.