About your email servers

If your service provider has enabled email for your site, you have two servers, Sendmail and Majordomo (if available), to help you manage your site's email requirements.

About Sendmail

The Sendmail SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server processes outgoing and incoming email.

Sendmail is an SMTP mail server that routes SMTP email messages through the Internet to be stored on a mail server, such as POP3 or IMAP. SMTP is the most common email protocol on the Internet.

To access Sendmail features, click Aliases, Responders,or Spam Filters in the shortcuts section of the Home page (Email section).

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About Majordomo

Majordomo is a service used to automatically manage email mailing lists.

Mailing lists are lists of email recipients that can receive email as group. When you create a mailing list, messages sent to the mailing list email address are automatically sent to every email address on the list. Mailing lists are commonly used to circulate topic discussions. A mailing list includes a set of list members. Whenever a list member posts an email message to the mailing list email address, that email message is distributed to all list members.

To manage mailing lists through Majordomo, click Mailing Lists in the shortcuts area of the Home page (Email section). For more information, see About email mailing lists.

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