What is Site backup?

A Site backup backs up the following data.  

A site backup is a complete backup that constitutes all the files integral to your site (site content, configuration information and user data). Since the site configuration information is also backed up, you have the functional independence to migrate your site between the control panel servers and successfully restore it whenever needed.   

Your service provider can also back up your site but cannot back up the site and user data separately.

When you back up a site, the following files are created.

The naming convention of a backup file is as follows:


is the name of the control panel server on which your site is hosted
is the name of the site being backed up
indicates the type of backup (site)
is the time-stamp when the backup was taken.

For example, backing up a site mysite.com on the server example.com on Jan 06, 2003 at 11.30 would result in the following backup file:


What is backed up

The following information is backed up as metadata.

What is not backed up

The following files and directories are not backed up. Please ensure that you take adequate measures to insure the data from loss or corruption.

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