Adding FrontPage user accounts

Users can publish content to your Web site directly from their computer using Microsoft FrontPage.

To use this service:

For systems without FrontPage Extensions, users can upload content to the Web server using FTP, Telnet or SSH (whichever is enabled for the site).

To add a FrontPage user account:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Users (Web Server section). The Manage Users form opens.

  2. On the Manage Users form, click Microsoft FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface.

  3. On the login form, type your Site Administrator user name and password.

  4. Unless you change it in the FrontPage Extensions interface, this is the original password of your Site Administrator account. This password does not change when you change your Site Administrator password.

The FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 Web page opens in a new window.

  1. In the Users and Roles section, click Manage Users.
    The Manage Users form opens.

  2. Click Add a User.  

  3. Complete the Add a User form, then click Add User.

  4. Notify the user of the user name and password you assigned to the account. The user types this user name and password when they open the Web in FrontPage. For more information on opening Webs in FrontPage, see the FrontPage documentation.

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