Backing up data

Tip: Back up site and user files in different backup directories. This enables quick identification of the files you want to restore. If you back up all the files in the same backup directory, selecting files while restoring can be overwhelming.

Example. Back up Site files to a site_backup directory and User files to a user_backup directory.

To back up data, click Backup/Restore in the shortcuts area of the Home page (Tools section), then follow the instructions below.

go to wizard Step1 Step2 Step3

You need to choose the type of backup, select the appropriate mode of transfer and provide the required miscellaneous information.

wizard Step1: Choose the type of backup

  1. Choose the type of backup, by selecting one of the option buttons in the Type of Backup area.

  1. Site - Backs up your site.

  2. Users - Backs up data pertaining to users of your site.

Click the arrow in the Users list, and choose only one of the following.

wizard Step2: Select mode of transfer

  1. Choose the mode of data transfer to the backup server.

You can choose to download or FTP the data to the backup server. Large files may take a long time to transfer depending on the quality of your Internet connection. An FTP transfer is recommended as a faster and more reliable option.

  1. Download - Ideal for backing up small files to a desktop.

    1. In the Download Backup area, select the Download option button to download to a desktop or local server.

    2. Go to Step3 of the wizard.

    3. Click Download.
      The Download File window opens.

    4. Click Download file.
      The File Download window opens asking if you want to open the file or save the file to your computer.

    5. Click Save.

    6. In the Save As dialog, enter or retain the default name of the backup file.

  1. FTP - Ideal for backing up large files to a remote FTP server.

wizard Step3: Enter miscellaneous information

  1. In the Email field, enter the email address at which you want to receive email notifications.

The status of the backup is conveyed in an email notification sent to the address specified in the Email field.

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