Configuring Webalizer for sites

Webalizer reports must be configured from the command line interface. You can not configure Webalizer using the Site Administrator control panel.

Webalizer reports are generated in accordance with the options set in the configuration file of the Webalizer.

The configuration file is called webalizer.conf and placed in the respective Webalizer directories (Web/FTP) within the file system of the site.

You can modify the configuration options to change the default behaviour of Webalizer reports.

To change the configuration information:

  1. Connect to your site using the Telnet or SSH remote login service.

  2. Important: To use Telnet or SSH, your service provider must enable Telnet or SSH remote login services for your site. SSH is recommended as a secure remote login service.

  3. If you are using the SSH service, type the following at the command line prompt.

ssh <username@sitename>

For example, if you have the user name, myname, for the site,, then type, ssh


  1. Enter your user name and password, when prompted.

  2. Browse to the /etc/webalizer directory, and locate the Webalizer configuration file, webalizer.conf.

  3. To locate the configuration file for the Web server, type the following:

cd /etc/webalizer/Web


cd /etc/webalizer/ftp


You will find the webalizer.conf listed.

  1. Open the configuration file by using the vi text editor.

vi webalizer.conf

The configuration file opens. Each option is preceded by a detailed description of the option.

  1. Note: When you modify the configuration file, do not change the default output directory, outputdir (where the Webalizer reports will be located), otherwise the reports will not be visible from the Site Administrator control panel.

  1. Change the configuration options as needed.

  2. To save the changes and exit the configuration file, type the following command.


To view the report, Generate a report.  

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