Creating databases

Databases are not automatically created when your service provider enables MySQL for your site; you need to create them. Your service provider determines the number of databases you can create.

To create a database:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click MySQL Admin Tool (MySQL section).

  2. In the MySQL submenu, click Create Database. The Create Database form opens.

  3. Enter a name for the database in the Database Name field. For uniqueness, the name of the database is prefixed with the corresponding Site ID, in the Database Name field. You may choose to retain it or overwrite.

  4. Important: Database names should not exceed the maximum limit of 64 characters, inclusive of the prefix. For example, if your database prefix is 30 characters long, you must restrict the name of your database to a maximum of 30 characters, to conform to the limit (64). Four characters are reserved for internal use.

  1. Note: The Database Administrator is assigned by your service provider at the time of creating the site. This information is plugged into the Database Admin field and cannot be changed, except by your service provider.

  1. Click Save.

If the database has been successfully created, it will be added to the list of current databases for the site. An appropriate message is displayed above the list of databases.

If the process fails, or succeeds with attendant warnings, click the Details link to view related information.

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