Installing tools

If Power Tools is enabled for your site, you can install and use Power Tools on your site.

Power Tools do not use any of your site's allocated disk space or other resources until you install them. To install tools, however, you need to have enough disk space and database availability for the tools. If you do not have enough of these resources, contact your service provider to increase your settings.

If you are installing a tool that requires a database, you need MySQL available on your site and you need to have changed the default MySQL database password before you install the tool.

To install a tool:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Power Tools (Tools section). If you do not see this link, your service provider has not enabled Power Tools for your site.

  2. On the Power Tools page, click in the Actions column of the tool you want to install.

  3. Provide the information required on the installation form. This information includes:

  4. Where to install the tool on your site.

  5. The user who will own the tool. This user owns all of the files associated with the tool.

  6. A user name for tool administration. If the tool has a control panel, this is the user name required for access.

  7. A password for tool administration. If the tool has a control panel, this is the password required for access.

  8. Database information. Many tools require their own databases. For these tools, you need to have databases enabled and available.

  1. When you have completed the form, click Install.

The tool is installed. If additional steps are required to use the tool, they are listed on the confirmation page.

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