Moving files from your local system to your site using the File Manager

Moving files from your local system (your laptop or desktop computer) to your site is called uploading. You can upload files from your local system to your site using the File Manger section of the Site Administrator control panel.

To upload a file to the server using the File Manger:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Manage Files (File Manager section). The directory list is displayed.

  2. If necessary, drill down to the directory in which you want to upload the file. If you are uploading HTML content for your Web site, upload them to the directory /var/www/html. If this directory does not already exist, create it though File Manager. See the topic Creating additional directories for instructions.

  3. In the Upload File to area of the Path form, in the upload field, enter the complete path name of the file, or click Browse to locate the file in your local system.

  4. In the save as field, enter the name of the file you want to upload to the server.

  1. Note: Do not include the directory path in the file name; include only the file name.

  1. Click Upload.

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