Managing FrontPage user accounts

To change or remove a FrontPage user account:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Users (Web Server section). The Manage Users form opens.

  2. On the Manage Users page, click the link at the bottom of the form, Microsoft FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface.

  3. On the login form, type your Site Administrator user name and password. Unless you change it in the FrontPage Extensions interface, this is the original password of your Site Administrator account. This password does not change when you change your Site Administrator password.

  4. On the FrontPage Server Extensions Site Administration page, click Manage Users.

  5. To change a user's information, click the user name.

  6. Make any changes on the user information page, then click Submit. The user information is changed. Be sure to notify the user of the change.

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