Recommended FTP servers for backup and restore

You must have access to an FTP server to transfer data using the FTP option. Ensim recommends use of the following FTP servers for successful backup and restore operations.

FTP servers running on Linux® or Unix® platforms

Use one of the following FTP servers to back up or restore files.

FTP servers running on Microsoft® Windows® platforms

FTP servers installed on IIS are configured to support the "MS-DOS" directory listing style while the control panel follows the "Unix" directory listing style. As a result, if you back up files using the IIS FTP server with the "MS-DOS" directory listing style, the files do not display in the control panel when you try to restore these files.

To resolve this, reset the directory listing style on the IIS FTP server to "Unix" as described below.

To reset the directory listing style:

The backed up files will now display in the control panel when you restore the files.