Adding responders

As Site Administrator, you can add responders for aliases used on your site. In addition, you and your users can add responders through the User Administrator control panel. Whenever anyone sends email to the alias, a prepared reply is automatically returned to the sender.

Responders can be set up for aliases only. They cannot be set up for individual email addresses or mailing lists.

To add a responder:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Responders (Email section). The Responders form opens, showing all the existing responders on the domain.

  2. Click Add a Responder. The Add Auto Responder form opens.

  3. In the Alias field, click the arrow and from the list, choose the name of the user or alias for which the responder is being created.

  4. In the Subject field, enter the subject that will qualify the auto-responder message. For example, enter Thanks for your request.

  5. In the Message field, enter the message you want to send in reply to the incoming email.

For example, to customers who email you to request a catalog of your services, you might send the following reply: “Thank you for your interest. We are sending you the information you requested.”

  1. Click Add Auto Responder.

The control panel adds the response to the directory /usr/share/opcenter/responders.

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