Updating email aliases

As Site Administrator, you can update any of the email aliases used on your site.

To update an email alias:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Aliases (Email section). The Aliases form opens, showing the current aliases on the domain.

  2. Locate the alias you want to update and in the Actions column, click Edit.The Edit Alias form opens.

  3. In the Forward To field, specify users on this domain who will be included in the alias by clicking the arrow and selecting or deselecting the users from the list.
    The list includes both users and other aliases. The full name of the user is shown in parentheses.

  1. In the Forward To (outside of domain) field, specify or clear users outside the domain who will be included in the alias. Enter the email addresses, separated by commas.

  2. Click Edit Alias.

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