Setting up your site's email services

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If your service provider enables email services for your site, you and your users can send and receive email over the Internet.

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Set-up tasks

To set up your organization's email service, complete these tasks:

About your own personal email accounts

As the Site Administrator, you can immediately send and receive email using the your Site Administrator email account.

You can use message forwarding to forward email sent to your Site Administrator account to another email account. This prevents your Site Administrator email from taking up disk space on your site and makes it possible for you to access messages from another account.

However, to take advantage of other email management features and the User Administrator control panel, you need to create a user account for yourself. You cannot manage your System Administrator email account through the User Administrator control panel.

After you have created your account, you can log in to the User Administrator control panel to set your personal preferences, such as aliases and responders, you want to use for your User Administrator email account.

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