Overview of Ignite services

Ignite is a suite of Web services that provide cutting-edge business solutions to help enhance your business. Services include email marketing solutions to help you market your product and services, search engine optimization services to help you promote your Web site, payment systems and site authentication services for your ecommerce business. These Web services enable you to extend your business reach and enhance your business efficiencies with minimal investment and turn-around time.

If your service provider enables Ignite for your site, a new dashboard page providing access to Ignite services and comprehensive statistical information on your Web site is displayed. For a complete list of the services available to you, please refer to the dashboard. If Ignite is not enabled for your site, the dashboard page displays only the statistical information about your Web site.

Subscribing to a service

To use Ignite services, you must subscribe to the service hosted by the Application Service Provider (ASP). To subscribe to a service, click the Add link displayed against the service. The Add link directs you to a Web page that provides details of the service from where you can proceed to sign up for the service.

Managing a service

Once you subscribe to a service, you can easily configure and manage the service using the Manage link displayed against the service.