Using Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email

You need to configure the Microsoft Outlook email client in order to read your email messages using Microsoft Outlook.

When you configure the email client, you must specify the SMTP and POP/IMAP server configuration to authenticate the connection.

This section provides instructions on accessing and manually setting up your mailbox using Microsoft Outlook and the SMTP server configuration required to authenticate the connection.  

To read your email messages using Microsoft Outlook, you will need to configure several Microsoft Outlook email service options.

To set Microsoft Outlook options:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook by right-clicking on the Microsoft Outlook icon on your desktop.

  2. Select Properties from the menu.

  3. Click the Add tab.

  4. In the Use the following information services area, select the Internet Email checkbox and click Next.

  5. Click Set up Mail Account. The Mail Account Properties window opens.

  6. In the Mail Account field, enter the name by which you would like to refer to your mail server, for example, Ensim Mail Server.

  7. In the User Information area, fill in the following information.

  1. Click the Servers tab.

  2. In the Server Information area,  enter the following information.

  3. Incoming mail (POP3). Enter the domain name or IP address of the mail server designated as the POP3 server.

  4. Outgoing mail (SMTP). Enter the domain name or IP address of the mail server designated as the SMTP server.   

  1. In the Incoming Mail Server area, enter the following information.

  1. In the Outgoing Mail Server area, select the My server requires authentication check box.

  2. Click Settings. The Outgoing Mail Server window opens.

  3. In the Logon Information area, if not already selected, select the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option and click OK.

  4. Click OK again to return to the Microsoft Outlook Setup Wizard and click Next.

  5. Click Next again, then click Finish.

Your mailbox displays.

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