Viewing default subdomain settings

Subdomains are configured with the settings and capabilities defined in the Subdomain Default form. All subdomains assume the values specified in this form, unless you choose to change the subdomain settings selectively.

To view the default settings for a subdomain:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Subdomains (Web Server section). The Subdomain window opens, displaying the list of subdomains.

  2. In the Subdomain submenu, click Defaults. The Subdomain Defaults form opens.

The following is a tabulated list of the form fields and a brief description.

Field name


Base Directory

The base directory indicates the location in the site's file system where all the regular subdomains for the site are located.  


The name of the user who owns the subdomain.  

CGI Support

A Boolean value [Yes, No] that indicates whether CGI support is enabled for the subdomain.


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