Viewing subdomain details

To view subdomain details:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Subdomains (Web Server section).

  2. Click in the Actions column of the subdomain whose details you want to view. The Subdomain Details form opens.

The following is a tabulation of the form fields that appear in the Subdomain Details form.

This field:



Name of the subdomain.


The Web address of the subdomain, along with the list of aliases inherited from the root domain (only if the root domain has aliases configured for it)

For example, the subdomain, sales, hosted on the root domain,, will be listed as,

  • Note: If your domain,, has an alias,, then the subdomain, can also be accessed using the inherited alias,  


The name of the user who owns the subdomain.  

Full Directory Path

The location where the content resources for the subdomain are uploaded. The Full Directory Path is the location from where the Web server will serve content to the browser.

CGI Support

A Boolean value [Yes,No] that indicates whether CGI support is enabled for the subdomain.

CGI script directory

The directory path where the CGI scripts for the subdomain are located.


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