Protecting directories through the FrontPage interface

You can protect directories on your site to limit access to files located in those directories. If you have FrontPage enabled for your site, you do this through the FrontPage interface. You can link to this interface from the Site Administrator control panel.

To access the Microsoft FrontPage interface:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Protect Directories (File Manager section).

  2. In the Protect Directories form, click Microsoft FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface.

  3. Note: Your Microsoft FrontPage login information is the original Site Administrator user name and password assigned to you when your site was created.

    If you have changed your Site Administrator user name or password since then, the change is not reflected in FrontPage login. You can change the FrontPage login using the FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface.

    For more information, see the FrontPage user documentation.

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