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Web Traffic Analysis

Mister Analytics is a free, easy-to-use enterprise class solution for internet marketing analysis, including search engine optimization and pay-for-performance campaigns. An intuitive user interface of Real Analytics allows you to quickly go over all important business metrics to give you the tools needed to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Mister Analytics was engineered to be used by internet marketing and search engine optimization professionals as well as bloggers and online hobbyinsts alike. It has been thoroughly tested with all kinds of websites, from small personal blogs all the way up to authority sites with millions of pageviews per day.

Easy-to-use Website Traffic Reporting

Mister Analytics was developed to be a powerful statistical solution that can be used without previous programming experience or HTML knowledge. Our development team took extra effort while developing and testing Real Analytics to maximize ease of use without sacrificing functionality. There is a large number of powerful reports that can be automatically generated by selecting them from the menu, as well as custom reports area that provides for flexibility in filtering and grouping various parameters for more advanced users.

Search Engine Traffic and Search Engine Ranking Reports

Mister Analytics is in the class of its own when it comes to search engine traffic and ranking analysis. It has an out-of-the-box support for all search engines, including specialty search engines, such as Google Images or Yahoo! Local Search among others. Unique feature of Real Analytics is that besides generating regular web traffic and keyword reports, it also pin points the rankings of your website in every single search engine for every single keyword as your visitors see them in their browsers, a feature that is guaranteed to save you hours upon hours you would have spent researching otherwise. You can view your site's ranking as an aggregate, grouped by keyword or by search engine, as well as ranking of your site as recorded in the individual visits.

Mister Analytics allows you to generate both aggregate reports as well as detailed. Aggregate search engine reports group accumulated data by major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). On the other hand detailed search engine reports present you with a more refined breakdown, futher processing statistics between the various flavors of search engines (e.g.,,, etc.)

Daily or Hourly Breakdown of Website Statistics

Mister Analytics can generate both daily and hourly reports. Daily reports are crucial in tracking your website's long term traffic dynamics or marketing campaign's performance, whereas hourly reports are used to identify busy hours across 24 hour period. This helps you track how well your websites or advertising campaigns are performing throughout the day. It can be also used to detect downtimes and bottlenecks in specific areas of your website.

Real Time Tracking of Website Visitors

Mister Analytics is designed to provide you with real-time reports that are generated automatically as the traffic data is gathered and processed. From the second Real Analytics is set up you begin to see your website's traffic reports immediately across all parameters.

Advantages of Real Analytics over Other Web Analytics Solutions

Mister Analytics was developed to take the center stage with respect to decision making for your website's growth and the effectiveness of your advertising and other marketing campaigns. While some of the features of Mister Analytics could be found in other tools, there is curently not a single one, two or even three tools that can replace all the functionality and versatility of our solution. Even though Mister Analytics can be set up alongside other tools without any interference, the response we are constantly receiving from our user base clearly indicates that most of our "shared" users end up switching over to Mister Analytics exclusively within the first few weeks.