Learn from our customers themselves, why Mister.Net
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In the testimonials below you'll learn, from our customers themselves, why Mister.Net is the best choice for hosting at any price let alone FREE for lifetime. You'll learn why everyone from technically savvy employees of Internet companies to complete novices choose us to host their Web presence. We have been saving our customers money on hosting since 1997. Your money is important and with Mister.Net you get the best value for your hard earned money.
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If, after reading these testimonials, you are not completely satisfied that Mister.Net is the best choice, please Contact Us with your questions or concerns. We look forward to counting you among our valued customers. Thank you! PS: Our customers have been saving money on their web site hosting for over 5 years. Activate your free hosting account today and never pay for hosting again!

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"This is a personal decision independent from my opinion of Mister.net's service quality, which has been impeccable thus far. I wish the team a great year and certainly will not miss the opportunity to solicit Mister.net's services, if the need be."

Guillaume  I  www.ghpfolio.com

"Brilliant! Thanks very much - that's outstanding service!"

Matt  I  www.bathyform.com

"thank you for your very prompt reply and action, all I have to do now is teach myself how to use it :"

David  I  www.warriet.com

"Thank you for the excellent customer service. Website is up and running now. You guys are awesome."

Mohamed  I  www.shawainternational.com

"Thank you and thanks for all the good service over the years. You have been just terrific over the years."

Neva  I  www.abundancetools.com

"This year I ran our family pool from your hosting service. It was excellent with virtually no down time."

Randy  I  www.wcfpix.com

"Thanks for the tutorial movies. They are very helpful."

Rick  I  www.igmower.com

"Thanks again for all of your help making mister.net one of the more enjoyable business experiences. "

Raul  I  www.votejulieruizraber.org

"OK, it's all clear for me now. Everything solved. Thanks a lot for your support. Happy holidays! "

Hamilton  I  www.studvio.com

"A million thanks!!! I just renewed and you made it so simple for me! Mister.net is highly recommended to anyone considering a domain and hosting. "

Raul  I  www.prcbcinc.org

"Many thanks for you great assistance."

Eldon  I  www.weareall-one.com

"Thank you very much for the prompt response. "

Shawn  I  www.finishtools.net

"thanks again for the speedy reply and your help. much appreciated."

Michael  I  www.michaelsindler.com

"You have blessed us year in and year out with your excellent service and customer support. We value you tremendously. Thank you again for being so great. "

Alex  I  www.GamePointFloors.com

"thank you for such a quick response..great service!! "

Jenny  I  www.rivetteandblair.com

"THAT'S WHY I USE YOU GUYS!! Great response time. Thanks!"

Robert  I  www.wingerters.com

"Thank you so much - your a BIG help"

Robyn  I  www.mochamyday.biz

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your quick response and action are amazing!"

Brenda  I  www.ricksrefrigerationinc.com

"Thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate."

Duncan  I  www.plyg.org

"Thanks for the fast effort, *especially on a weekend. *It's appreciated. "

John  I  www.fathomoz.com

"Perfect! It works perfectly now! I really appreciate all the help, your promptness and helpfullness is greatly appreciated! "

Chad  I  www.lighthousecfs.com

"Thank you for taking the time to figure that out. Your support here is great as always!"

Kimberly  I  www.mybestoffer.us

"I am very grateful for the prompt response, the problem was solved. thank you very much "

Ricardo  I  www.citetour.com

"Thanks so much for the prompt response. I so appreciate that. Worked like a charm. Thanks again so much and have a great day!! "

Ali  I  www.essentailofficesolutions.org

"Bless you! I knew I was doing something boneheaded. I appreciate you responding so quickly and helping so much. A lot of tech support is not nearly so helpful. "

Jennifer  I  www.jenswebwork.com

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Client Testimonials

"By the way.. impressed with your service .. bought another domain name and will be transferring three more to you guys. Have already informed a couple friends of the site. thank you Scott. you are terrific and patient.."

Alex - Tennessee, USA
"I can't thank you enough for your help, your the best!.. You people at Mister.net are awesome.."

Murray - Alberta, Canada
"BTW - your system is excellent. Seamless and easy to use."

Travis - Florida, USA
"I hope to have many more sites to design in the near future. I plan on continuing to use mister.net exclusively!! Thanks SO much!!"

Tawna - Maryland, USA
"Thank you Scott, your the best. That was just how I was hoping for it to work. Again thank you for the great job!"

Mark - Michigan, USA
"I have a rather warm-hearted comment to submit to mister.net on your immaculate assistance and professional support on all matters relating to my website. I remain grateful and a very, very satisfied customer. I will be considering no other provider for future projects than yourselves."

Panos - Manchester, U.K.

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