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We look forward to hosting your current domain and offering you our free or premium professional hosting. We want to ensure that your domain transfer request is successful and hassle-free. Please note the following Domain Transfer Tips. Thank you!

Domain Transfer Tips

  • Your domain name must be at least 60 days old.  If you just registered a domain through another registrar, please wait sixty days before requesting a domain transfer to our registry.  This is a rule set by ICANN, the main domain governing body. If you don't want to wait 60 days, we request you to please consider registering a new domain with Mister.net. If you like, we can forward your current domain to your new site free of charge.
  • Please make sure that your domain is not locked by your current registrar.  Some registrars will lock your domain to prevent transfer.  However, as a domain owner, you have the right to transfer domain to any registrar of your choice.  You can either login to your domain control panel (if provided by your current registrar) or ask your registrar to remove the lock so that you can transfer successfully.
  • The email address currently listed on the domain name that you want to transfer should be valid and operational.  When you request a transfer, a verification email is sent to the domain name registrant to verify the transfer request.  If that email is invalid or does not reach you, your transfer request will not proceed.  
  • You will not be charged if a transfer is not successful.  You will only be charged if a transfer is successful. An additional year will be added to your domain renewal and the free professional hosting will be set up for you.
  • Note about transfer costs
    All domains that are registered and renewed through Mister.net are eligible for our free hosting package. If a domain has an extended registration period additional costs would apply to transfer the domain. Essentially, you would have to pay for hosting with Mister.net for the time the domain was registered with the other registrar. The pro-rated amount is $28 per year. If the domain is set to expire in the next 100 days, no additional transfer costs apply.
  • We are here to help. Go ahead and request the transfer anyways and we will let you know of the transfer status.  Thank you!
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"By the way.. impressed with your service .. bought another domain name and will be transferring three more to you guys. Have already informed a couple friends of the site. thank you Scott. you are terrific and patient.."

Alex - Tennessee, USA
"I can't thank you enough for your help, your the best!.. You people at Mister.net are awesome.."

Murray - Alberta, Canada
"BTW - your system is excellent. Seamless and easy to use."

Travis - Florida, USA
"I hope to have many more sites to design in the near future. I plan on continuing to use mister.net exclusively!! Thanks SO much!!"

Tawna - Maryland, USA
"Thank you Scott, your the best. That was just how I was hoping for it to work. Again thank you for the great job!"

Mark - Michigan, USA
"I have a rather warm-hearted comment to submit to mister.net on your immaculate assistance and professional support on all matters relating to my website. I remain grateful and a very, very satisfied customer. I will be considering no other provider for future projects than yourselves."

Panos - Manchester, U.K.

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