Backup Restore Scheduled Backup
  • You need a ftp server to serve as the destination to all your backup files. Please enter the login and location parameters for your ftp server.
  • All the backup details will be reported at the email address given below.
  • Type of Backup
    Site This option backs up your entire site

    Select All to backup all users
    Select Mode of Transfer
    Download Backup
    Download Select this option to take a backup and download it through the browser. Click the button Download below to initiate backup and download.
    Backup to FTP Server
    FTP Select this option to take the backup and transfer it to the backup server. Fill the information to ftp to the backup server below and click button Backup to backup the file to ftp server
    FTP Server
    FTP Login
    FTP Password
    FTP Location
    Maximum Backup File Size unit
    Miscellaneous Information