Adding subdomains

To add subdomains, your service provider must enable your site to host subdomains at the time of creating your site.

The number of subdomains you can add is set by your service provider. You can choose to be the owner of a subdomain or delegate ownership to a user of the site.

To add a subdomain:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Subdomains (Web Server section).

  2. In the Subdomain submenu, click Add Subdomain. The Add Subdomain form opens.

  3. Enter the name of the subdomain in the Name field.

  4. Note: To create a subdomain sales for the site,, enter only sales in the Name field and not Note that the domain name of your site is already suffixed in the Name field.

  1. In the Owner field, click the arrow to select an owner for the subdomain.

  2. Note: Any existing user of the site can be authorised to be the owner of the subdomain. You can also choose to be the owner of the subdomain.

  1. In the Full Directory Path field, enter the name of the subdomain directory. You will upload your subdomain content to this directory.  

  1. Important: The subdomain directory, once defined, cannot be changed.

  1. In the CGI Support field, select the checkbox if you want users to run CGI scripts on the subdomain, otherwise leave it blank.

  1. Note: The CGI scripts for the subdomain will be placed in the cgi-bin directory under the subdomain folder.

    For example, if your subdomain is located at /var/www/<subdomain_name>, then your CGI scripts will be placed in the following location:

    where <subdomain_name> is the name of your subdomain.

    Your subdomain can run any script placed in the cgi-bin directory. To run a subdomain CGI script, in the Address field of your Web browser, type http://<subdomain_name>.<domain_name>/cgi-bin/<script_name>  
    is the name of your subdomain
    is the domain name of the site on which your subdomain is hosted
    is the name of the cgi script

  1. Click Add SubDomain.

If the subdomain has been successfully created, it will be added to the list of existing subdomains. An appropriate message is displayed in the Status panel.

If the process fails, or succeeds with warnings, click the Details link to view related information.

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