Changing user passwords for protected directories

You can change the passwords users enter when they access protected directories on your site. These are HTAccess passwords only; they differ from the passwords users enter to access services and the User Administrator control panel.

To change a user’s HTAccess password:

  1. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Users (Web Server section). The Protect Directories: (HTAccess) Manage Users form opens. A list of user names appears in the lower section of the form.

  2. In the Add a User area, in the UserName field, enter the user name of the user whose information you want to change.

  3. In the Password field, type a new password for the user.

  4. In the Confirm Password field, enter the new password again.

  5. In the Belongs to group(s) field, select the group or groups to which the user belongs.

  6. Click Add/Edit.

  7. Notify the user that the password has been changed.

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