Protecting directories through the Site Administrator control panel

You can password-protect directories A simulated file folder on a computer disk. Files and applications are typically stored in directories on computer systems. on your site to limit access to files located in those directories. If your site does not have FrontPage enabled, you do this through the Site Administrator control panel.

To protect a directory:

  1. If you have not done so already, create an HTAccess group, then specify the user or users who belong to the group. You need to create a at least one group and add at least one user to that group before you can protect a directory.

  2. In the shortcuts area of the Home page, click Protect Directories (File Manager section).

The Protect Directories (HTAccess Configuration) form opens, showing a list of the directories on your site. The directories are identified as either unprotected or protected.

  1. From the directory list, locate the directory you want to protect, then in the Actions column, click Protect. The Protect Directory form opens.

  2. In the AuthName field, enter a descriptive name for the directory you want to protect. When users attempt to access files, this name is displayed in the login window as the Realm.

For example, to protect a directory of employee salary information, you might type Compensation.

  1. In the Add to Group(s) field, specify the groups that are allowed to access this directory.

  2. Note: You can select or clear multiple directories by pressing and holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the directory names.

  1. Click Protect. The directory is now protected. Users are required to enter user names and passwords before accessing information in the directory.

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