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Download is available once you become a customer.
                     A $140 Value, Absolutely FREE!

"One of the top 3 HTML editors ever made". - Michael Kor
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"Nobody makes great looking websites that easily. You get what you pay for. If it takes you 10 minutes to create a website in a WYSIWYG editor, you're going to get a 10 minute result" - Mark Stevenson

"If I'm editing text files I use Notepad, if I'm creating high-end graphics I use SGI workstations, If I make web sites I use a HTML editor that's designed specifically for the job." - Juin Carter

Features List
professional tools for real minds. - Version 2.00

A powerful html/script editor that suits everyone. From beginners, intermediate to professional web builders, This is the web editing tool you should use when it comes to creating web sites/authoring scripts. 


  • Access local and remote files

  • Insert and convert files

  • Easy tag selection

  • Supports proportional fonts and full color customization

  • Customizable Syntax Highlighting

  • Customizable Tag Highlighting

  • Ultra-fast editing facilities - line no# support, gutter, margin

  • View/disable Hidden characters

  • Insert/Overwrite modes


  • Tool tips and hints for all features

  • Single-click bookmark support and easily set bookmarks!

  • Syntax Highlighting Parser supports HTML documents from 1 -> 5.0, Perl, ASP, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, VBScript, CFML (Allaire Cold Fusion) and Java.


  • Preview pages in multiple browsers (up to 4 supported)

  • Automatic detection of installed browsers.

Split-view Editing

  • Edit Web documents and watch real-time updates of the page in the integrated MS Internet ExplorerTM engine.

  • Split-view browser can be used to browse the web.

  • Extended ruler support to show resolution width

  • Change browser window resolution quickly. Resolutions supported: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768.


  • Complete control over code - create Web pages for all browsers

  • No proprietary formats - just regular files presented in a way that is easy to use and understand

Choose the Code to Create

  • Tags Filter, Syntax checking based upon user-specified browser support

  • Create custom tag libraries

Proofing and Testing tools

  • Spell checking

  • Theasuarus Lookup

  • LiveSpell : Check documents while you type (like MSWord 2000)

  • Tidy HTML integration : Fix problem Web documents with the best tool!

  • HTML Source Formatting

Extensive Online Support

  • WebMag Portal Online Center (forum/discussion, chat, updates, handy tips, web news)

  • Chat as your building web pages with 1st Page LiveChat window

  • Online discussion board for all members, free of charge!

Additional Power tools

  • HTML Source Compressor

  • Instant View : Views jpg, gif, png, html, txt files.

  • Evrsoft 1st Transfer : Transfer documents to FTP Server

  • Tag Stripper

  • Instant Scripts: The world's largest and most useful script repository. 450+ scripts

  • DHTML Zone : Scripts from the world's best DHTML authors/sites

  • Common Javascript Wizard

  • Internet Explorer/Netscape bookmarks

  • Flexible Web-Safe Color Palette, Side Color Picker

  • Convert Text Files into HTML documents

  • Speedy Table Sizer - Create tables super fasst!!

Internal Preview

  • Fully-functional built-in browser using MS Internet ExplorerTM

Cutting Edge Technologies

  • Eye boggling DHTML/Javascript effects found in iScripts

  • Latest DHTML scripts

  • Huge Javascript repository

  • Page Transitions

  • IE/Netscape language extensions

  • In-line Media, Macromedia Flash®/Macromedia Shockwave® integration

Extensive Help/HTML Aid

  • Integrated Reference Window

  • Get Help with any tag quickly

  • Complete reference for HTML 4.0, SSI, CSS, Relative paths

  • HTML Knowledge Base / Commonly Asked Questions

Language Support

  • Convert Web documents to XML

  • Upgrade Web documents into 100% compatible CSS layout

  • Perl, CGI, Java, VBScript, CSS, Javascript support

  • View Special/Extended Characters

  • Tag Library for over 13 language/versions.

Enhanced Projects

  • Create and manage local web sites

  • Minimal Task/Todo List

Customizable Interface

  • External browser support (DDE)

  • Full Windows 98/2000/NT Drag 'n' Drop integration

  • Customizable Toolbars

  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Flexible 4-way development mode (Normal, Easy, Expert, Hardcore)

  • Customizable sidebar tabs alignment/layout

  • Editor preferences (e.g gutter width, font sizes/colors, margin widths, etc..)

  • Personal/Custom Templates

Common Sense

  • Save and preview code fragments (snipplets) for future use

  • Open/Save Dialog Favorites to quickly goto commonly used folders quickly

  • 1st Page Explorer Favorites on Local tab

  • Remembers all the settings/preferences you commonly use

Tag Editors, Wizards

  • Create instant Javascript Rollover Image Effects

  • Instant Image insertion with calculated width and height

  • Powerful WYSIWYG Font Tag Editor

  • Automatic detection and editing of Document Body

  • Quick Table Editor


  • In-built Plugin/Module infrastructure to allow further expansion in the near future.

  • WebUpdate : Automatically search for new versions on startup

  • Evrsoft Plugin/Module Download Center

Download is available once you become a customer.
A $140 Value, Absolutely FREE!

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